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We're Improving our Online Banking Security!

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To help protect your accounts from fraud, we are making our Personal Online Banking login process more secure with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and improved recognition of the devices you use for logging in.   (The login process for Business Online banking already uses MFA and will remain as is.)

Multi-Factor Authentication means you’ll need “something you know” (username/password) and “something you have” (a phone number and/or device we have on record). 

Beginning mid-morning Wednesday, August 30th, the first time you log in to your online banking account via our website or via the Touch Banking mobile app, you’ll be asked to answer at least one of your existing security questions to verify your identity.  You’ll then be asked to enter a phone number for our records that we’ll use to send you One Time Passwords (OTP) going forward.   The system will then log you in and your MFA will be activated.

If you entered a mobile phone number, the system will send you a text notice that your MFA is activated and you can choose texts each time we need to send you a new OTP. 

If you entered a voice number, no activation message will be sent and you’ll choose voice each time we need to send you a new OTP.

Going forward, we’ll send you a new OTP to use the next few times you login.  After a few successful logins using the OTP method, our system will learn to recognize the device(s) you login from.  In most cases after that, when you log in from familiar devices the system will log you in normally.   i.e. only require Username/Password (no OTP needed) or only require your biometric login if you use one.  

In cases where the system sees something out of the ordinary, it will send you a new OTP to use.  An example of out of the ordinary might be attempting to log in from a new device or location.

Whether you’re new to the MFA concept or are familiar, if you have any questions or problems, just give us a call at 218-263-8855 and we’d be happy to help.

We’re hopeful you’ll understand the need for this extra step and that you’ll welcome the added security it brings to electronic banking.

Thank you for trusting Security State Bank.  We appreciate your business.


Activation Summary

Log in via Personal tab on or via Touch Banking on your mobile device

Answer security question

Provide phone number for receiving One Time Passwords

Login continues


More Detail


If you provide a mobile phone number during activation, you can select to receive OTPs via text or voice during each log in.  If you provide a land-line phone number, you will receive OTPs only via voice.

If you have a Business or Home phone number in our records, you can also choose to receive OTP via one of those numbers during login, but only via voice, regardless of whether it is a mobile number.

Voice calls will come from 669-241-2767

SMS text messages will come from Short Code 36397

   If you Reply STOP to 36397, you will disable texts for OTP.

When receiving a text message, be sure to enter the 6 digit OTP, not the 5 digit short code the message comes from :-)

Changing Phone Numbers

Beginning Thursday, when logged in to Online Banking you can edit the phone numbers used for One Time Passwords by clicking into the Profile menu at the upper right of your browser, or via the More menu in Touch Banking.


Multi-Factor Authentication has quickly become a standard on the internet when logins are required for access.  It helps stop bad actors from accessing accounts using stolen usernames/passwords because in most cases, those possessing stolen credentials won’t have access to the “something you have” portion of the multi-factor requirements and therefore cannot login to an account.

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