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Check Positive Pay

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a fraud-monitoring tool that helps protect your company from fraud associated with checks.  The goal is to catch fraud before it impacts your business.  When Positive Pay detects a suspicious transaction you will be notified to review it.

Key Features

Positive Pay can create multiple exception types including:

  • Checks not on Issue File
  • Checks paid with duplicate check number
  • Checks paid with differing amount
  • Checks exceeding a pre-determined dollar amount

Decision maker controls allow you to make pay or return decisions before checks post to your account.

How It Works

  1. Upload issued check information (Issue File) to online banking website.
  2. When checks are presented for payment, Positive Pay compares the amount, check number, and payee of each item with your issue information.
  3. Checks that do not reconcile issue information are presented to you as exceptions.
  4. Review the exception items online and complete pay or return decisions by the daily decision deadline.


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