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Overdraft Services

Because mistakes and unexpected things happen, Security State Bank offers several options to help you manage overdrafts. These services can provide peace of mind and head off the potential inconvenience or embarrassment of a rejected check, debit card, or ATM transaction.

Comparison table of overdraft services.
  Overdraft Privilege* Overdraft Privilege Plus* Account Sweep VIP Reserve**
Details At our discretion, the bank will strive to pay non-sufficient fund items (except ATM withdrawals and daily debit card transactions) presented against your account instead of returning the items unpaid. When added to Overdraft Privilege, the bank will strive to pay all types of non-sufficient fund items presented against your account instead of returning the items unpaid. Establishes an automatic transfer to your checking account from another Security State Bank deposit account. Establishes a personal line of credit linked to your checking account. This service automatically advances when you make a transaction that exceeds the balance available in your checking account.
How to add service Comes with your account You can authorize Request this Apply for this
Checks Covered Yes Yes Yes Yes
ACH and Other Transactions Covered Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATM Withdrawals Covered No Yes Yes Yes
Daily Debit Card Transactions Covered No Yes Yes Yes
Cost/Details No fee for the service unless you overdraft.
$34 per overdraft item whether it is paid or returned.
No fee to enroll.
You are only charged if you have an overdraft.
$34 per overdraft item.
$10 fee per sweep occurrence.
Sweeps in increments of $100.
$5,000 Line of Credit.
Advances in $500 increments.
Advance Fee - $2.00/advance.

* Under our standard overdraft practices we will charge you a fee of $34 for each item we pay that results in an overdraft balance.  There is a maximum of $204 per day on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.  A continuous overdraft fee of $30 will also be charged every 5th conescutive business day your account remains overdrawn.  We may require you to pay an overdraft immediately or on demand.

** Subject to application approval



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