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Banking on Better Service

A bank is only as strong as its associates. Security State Bank prides itself on building a customer service team equipped with expertise, loyalty and — above all — integrity.

Our Mission

By aggressively and professionally meeting the needs of the customers, community, employees and shareholders, we will be a high-performing bank in customer service, profitability and soundness.

Core Values

Security State Bank’s core values are what we stand for and explain why we exist. Everything else changes as needed, but we always adhering to the following:


We are a bank made up of honest people who seek customers who are also honest people. There is no place in this bank for dishonest dealings or dishonest relationships with shareholders, directors, officers, employees or customers. The bank was founded on the principle of integrity, and we intend to uphold that tradition.


Security State Bank is dedicated to delivering unsurpassed customer service. Serving the financial needs of our customers is the reason for our existence. We will treat each and every interaction with a customer as if our continued banking relationship were dependent on how well we serve the customer during that particular transaction.


The board of directors and senior management view the bank’s employees as family. We take care of our customers, our employees, our community and our families. We are loyal to and protective of our employees, and we expect their loyalty and dedication in return.


We are a product of our community, and a leader within our community, so we take its needs very seriously.  We will never intentionally do anything that goes against the best interest of the communities we serve; to do otherwise would violate a trust. We will strongly encourage all Security State Bank employees to become actively involved in our communities. In essence, the communities we serve should be better off simply because of the presence of Security State Bank.


Our shareholders have made a significant monetary investment in our bank. We have a deep responsibility to ensure that they receive a solid return on their investment. The best way to reward shareholders for their investment is for the bank to deliver strong, consistent levels of profitability. This profit will result from delivering unsurpassed quality service to our customers. This means that we balance the needs of customers, employees and our community in ways that will allow us to provide generous returns for our shareholders. The bank cannot and will not be considered a success until it has demonstrated that it knows how to make a solid profit while performing this balancing act.

Current Openings

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