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Mark Gardeski
Mark Gardeski President/CEO Email Mark
Mark Macor
Mark Macor Chief Financial Officer Email Mark
Jerry Wallis
Jerry Wallis Vice President / Sr. Operations Officer Email Jerry
Aaron Clusiau
Aaron Clusiau Vice President / Commercial Loan Officer Email Aaron
Stephanie Kemp
Stephanie Kemp Exec. Assistant/Human Resource Officer Email Stephanie
Shannon Plombon
Shannon Plombon Mortgage Officer Email Shannon NMLS ID: 483368
Dorothy Bjelland
Dorothy Bjelland Personal Banker Email Dorothy NMLS ID: 1373175
Taylor Slattery
Taylor Slattery Business Resource Officer / Personal Banker Email Taylor
Karlee Persons
Karlee Persons Customer Service Representative Email Karlee
Dusten Hooper
Dusten Hooper Customer Service Representative Email Dusten
Shannon Chapman
Shannon Chapman Mortgage Administrative Assistant Email Shannon NMLS ID: 1705133
Greg Hoag
Greg Hoag Commercial Loan Officer Email Greg
Chris Westin
Chris Westin Credit Analyst Email Chris
Tristan Birdsall
Tristan Birdsall Commercial Loan Associate Email Tristan
Kimberly Thomas
Kimberly Thomas Compliance Officer Email Kimberly
Duke Larson
Duke Larson Information Systems Manager Email Duke
Josh Turner
Josh Turner Information Systems Assistant Email Josh
Kami Bonelli
Kami Bonelli Operations Supervisor Email Kami
EJ Hanson
EJ Hanson Operations Email EJ
Patty Sletten
Patty Sletten Operations Email Patty
Korie Gangestad
Korie Gangestad Operations Email Korie
April Viburg
April Viburg Operations Email April
Kayleigh Gordon
Kayleigh Gordon Operations Email Kayleigh
Taylor Doree
Taylor Doree Operations Email Taylor

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